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Should You Become a YouTube Video Star?

Using Video in online marketing is one of the best strategies you will want to master. We are going to focus on YouTube video marketing, but you can apply the same concepts to Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. You will also be able to apply the content you are about to read in your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing.

All the tips and tricks you are about to learn are considered “high-income skills”. These are skills
that not only you can apply in your own business to be a better online marketer, it also serves to teach you how to use these skills as an independent freelancing agency and potentially charge businesses for your digital marketing expertise.

I’ll give you a little heads up:

Did you know that the video you create for YouTube vs the video you create for LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook are different? Find out why in this blog…

And I will share with you extra tips to understand the algorithms of each of these main platforms so you know what are the key factors to promote your videos once they are made.
In short, you are in for a treat!

In this blog you can expect to learn how to:

  1. Open a YouTube channel 
  2. Optimize a YouTube channel
  3. What software and tools to use to edit your videos (these are gold!)
  4. How to upload the video (all beginners make that mistake)
  5. Optimize the video for Search Engine
  6. The video creation and recording format for YouTube video vs other platforms
  7. Monetizing your YouTube channel

And some Hacks for re-purposing and promoting your content on multiple channels!

Open a YouTube Channel

Opening up a YouTube channel is free. In case you did not know, YouTube was acquired by Google in 2006 for 1.65 billion dollars. So when you open a Gmail account, you will see 9 dots on the top right in shape of a square. Click it, and you will see the YouTube symbol. Click that, and it will take you to your free YouTube account. You give it a name (your name is fine to start with), or if you want to focus on a niche you can choose the niche name and add another word to make it catchy and memorable. For example, if you want to do a channel about Fitness, you can call it “Fitness Lifestyle by [your name]”.

How to optimize a YouTube Channel

Optimizing your YouTube channel requires some basic graphic design skills, which is easy to do and learn for free. You want to make your YouTube channel appealing.

There is a YouTube channel banner that you want to create. Go to and open a free account. Choose the “YouTube channel banner” style canvas and create your design with your brand colours, your logo, your text. Don’t worry about being a perfectionist you can change it later. Just get it done to the best of your ability. If you do want to improve your design skills, you can take canva’s free graphic design university course.

When you are done, go to the setting section of the channel and add information in the “description” so when a visitor comes they know what this channel is about. In the “customize channel” section you can optimize the home page for “new visitors” and “returning subscribers”. Put the right video in each. Pick up your phone and record a simple 30-60 seconds video (landscape) telling your audience what the channel is about, who you are, what to expect, what value this channel will bring, and why they would be crazy to leave without subscribing.

Make it seriously compelling and interesting! You might think that’s a lot to ask for 30 to 60 seconds. No, it is not. Figure out a way to compress your message. Write it, memorize it, and say it to the camera with extreme confidence. I also recommend you have that video with captions through

Later there is another optimization that can take place as your channel grows, such as creating playlists, to organize the video topics in your channel, and so on. When you’re just getting started, these are not critical. You will continue to optimize things, you will make a “sexier” welcome video, and so on.

Video Editing Tools and Software

Review 1t Video Editing

Camtasia Hands-down, this is one of the best to use. It’s affordable and easy to get to grips with. There are numerous Tutorials available which are aimed at Beginners and seasoned pro’s. It is intuitive enough for a new user to easily understand. Camtasia is feature-rich enough that you can customize your video’s to look professional.

Viddyoze Breathtaking on-line Video Animation Software which you can use as a stand alone video creator, or you can create incredible “Intro’s” -“Outro’s” for use with Camtasia for example. Completely customizable to suit your brand or maybe your clients brand.  this is a great website to create your graphics, namely your thumbnails. It has a ton of
customization, super-intuitive to use, and it has free training on graphic design. The key about the thumbnails is it needs to attract attention. Realize, the potential visitor is seeing about 5-10 other videos, so your colours need to pop. Bright colours, large text,  with unique interesting images. Attention is the new currency. Use canva to create it.

Chrome Extension  You should run your YouTube channel from chrome because there are extensions that help you optimize your videos, give you SEO tips on the spot, compare you to competitors, recommend tags, and other handy tools. These extensions are free to start with, and if you want the additional features they are paid. VidIQ and TubeBuddy are my recommendations. Both are great.

Envato Marketplace  When creating a video, you might want to use royalty-free video blocks or images for your B-roll. You might want to add uniqueness to your channel with a custom font. You might want to use unique images for your thumbnail. Envato marketplace has a subscription of under $20/month and gives you literally everything you need. Go anywhere else online and it will be more expensive and less value.

Newscaster Vocalizer  If you don’t like the sound of your own voice or you don’t want to pay someone on Fiverr to do a voice-over on your video, then there is an answer. This amazing voice simulator is the ideal tool for any video voice-over. Simply type in your own script and it converts it to a soundtrack. In addition, there are a choice of both male and female voices and languages .

Voicebuddy  Same as above, using Google and Amazons Voice Engines to Captivate Your Audience.

Phone  you think you need a fancy camera for a channel? Think again. Just get started. Your media
production tools are in your pocket. Pick it up and put it into use. Yes, you can get nice camera gear, a microphone, lighting tools, but that’s something you can grow into. Laptop/PC, you obviously do need a laptop or desktop to do all the steps above.

Before recording your video, you need to think about the keyword you are going to target. The first 30 seconds should mention that keyword at least once. If you are doing a video about “6 exercises to get a 6- pack”, you need to say that sentence and mix it up by saying the word exercise and 6-pack another once or twice while sounding natural. Don’t overdo it. Your title will be “6 exercises to get a 6-pack” or “6 exercises to get a 6-pack for skinny guys” or something like that (whoever is your target audience).

How to upload the video

Review 1t YouTube upload

Once your file is prepared, log in to your YouTube account and click the upload + camera symbol top right. Drag and drop your file or select file, add details and settings, then it’s ready to share.

Most beginners upload the video and then they choose the title according to the SEO optimization. Big mistake! You need to label your video file exactly as you plan to call it in the upload. YouTube reads the file name as part of SEO optimization. After all, that is the file you uploaded. So pay attention to the little details and be a professional.

How to Optimize the Video for the
Search Engine

There are two main traffic sources on any YouTube channel. Keyword search is one of them, hence
optimization of your title and description is critical.  And secondly, optimizing the video for the search engines requires a description that includes the keywords you want to target. Your title has to have the target keyword. Your description has a maximum of 5000 words, but the absolute minimum  should be no less than 150 words. You can use to write your description so you can see the number of words and the keyword density (i.e. how many times your keyword is mentioned in relation to other words).

There is not a specific rule for keyword density, the flow of your description is more important. But yo want to try and be around the 2-3% keyword density, i.e. have the keyword 2 or 3 times for every 100 words on average Give your audience a bit of info about what the video is about, use the keywords, but don’t give too much so they can just read your description and not have to watch your video.

Create a mystery in the description.

If you have a video, let’s say for example, 12 minutes long, put time-stamps in the description for each segment of the video. Now, the person has an idea of what to expect and makes the video more watchable. Instead of one 12 minute video, all of a sudden it’s a collection of 2 minute, jam-packed with content, little segments. You can give these time stamps simple titles that say what it is but giving a bit of mystery to it so the person wants to watch it. You want to also include other links they can follow you on, other social media channels, get your freebie, goto your website, or link other videos on your channel that are related to this video. Like the “next one in the series” or something like that.

Lastly, always have a call to action in the description to COMMENT. Make the commenting easy. Tell them “Comment the word VALUE if you enjoyed this video !”

Video tips for Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook video marketing

LinkedIn is all about connections, the more relevant connections you have, the better. Your video needs to tell people to comment on something, when they comment, your video is likely to be shown on the feed of their connections. If they don’t comment, it’ll just remain in the feed of your existing connections and won’t get exposure. Use Hashtags and SEO strategy to help boost, but these are secondary to the engagement you need to gain traction.

Instagram your videos need to be quick and to the point. There is a short attention span on Instagram. People are constantly scrolling through their feed, so adding subtitles, and a header that tells a viewer what the video is about, can only help. Use 20 or so hashtags relating to what the video is about. Promote the video on your story as soon as you post it and drive engagement as early as possible.

Facebook do a live video, with a large description. When you go live, this will appear as  notification to your friends and if your description is massive and informative, it’ll take a quarter of their screen on the left side and grab their attention. Otherwise, you are at the mercy of Facebook algorithm to show your video on their feed, IF they are even scrolling through it.

Bonus hacks for re-purposing and
promoting your video

Remember that awesome YouTube video description you just did? Take it and post it on LinkedIn as a post and link to your video. Take it and post it to as a post and link to your video. Take 1 or 3 key statements from the video description and turn it into a quote card using canva and post it on Instagram and Facebook.

If the description is big enough, turn it into a blog post, or use it as a starting point to a blog post and include your video in the blog. Take that description and send it as an email to your email list, linking to your video to drive further engagement from your warm audience.

No matter how good your content creation strategy is, the market today is so much more saturated. You must take action to actually promote your content if you want it to be seen.

Getting started with video marketing online

This whole blog has so much information, you are probably feeling overwhelmed. Bookmark it. There are courses online being sold for hundreds if not thousands of dollars that will teach you exactly what this blog is teaching you. This is high value – Bookmark it and re-visit it.

But as a starter, the one thing you need to do is to pick up your Phone, landscape, and record yourself doing that welcome video! Upload it to YouTube following the above instructions on how to upload it. Go to and create that channel artwork. Set up the channel as outlined above. And start your channel!

If you think you are a bit lost with some things we spoke about, “affiliate marketing”, “print-on-demand”, and so on, this is exactly why you should be subscribed to this blog to continue and learn more free tips about growing an online business.

When you subscribe, you will receive a thank you email from me. When you receive my thank you email, reply with a link to your newly created YouTube channel so I can have the honour of being your first subscriber!

To your success!

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