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What Tools do I need?

Now you have your basic WordPress and Domain installed, it’s time to design. So, the second tool that is a key to building a websites is, a Site Builder or Editor. WordPress v5.0 comes with its latest default editor called the Gutenberg Editor which is a block editor. It allows each block to be edited individually and each block can contain text, media, buttons and links etc. Prior to v5.0 WordPress used the Classic Editor, which is a different beast and, in my opinion, not as easy to use. However, it’s still possible to revert to it should you choose. In both cases though, understanding code is an advantage.

Site Builder

Over time, members of the WordPress Community and others, have developed alternatives to these Standard and Block Editors and they are called Site Builders. Site Builders generally come in the shape of plugins and are very easy to install. They have many similarities to the default block builder but can be easier with a more visual drag and drop interface, and the need to understand code is diminished, although the option remains. In essence, a Site Builder is a front end interface design tool.

Which Type of Site Builder to use?

There are many to choose from and besides the WordPress Plugins, there are other alternatives such as Cloud Hosted Platforms. So let’s look at one of each, for the plugin, Elementor is a firm favorite and a very popular cloud based one at the moment is Wix

Both these site builders use the “Drag and Drop” interface, which makes design a very simple, and visual experience. If you’re looking for an easy to build option, then Wix is for you. It’s an all-in-one package which means you can get started from the word go and doesn’t require WordPress. On the other hand, if you want more control and design capability, then Elementor is your best bet and is a WordPress Plugin.

If you’re unsure, both these builders have a free version so you can “Try before you Buy”.

5 Great Tools to help with your Web Design

  1. Free images
  2. Canva
  3. Fiverr
  4. iWriter
  5. Grammarly
How to build a website from scratch

Building a website for the first time can be quite a big learning curve, but it can also be very rewarding. We all must start out on the same journey, make the same mistakes, and get lost in the same vast technology jungle. I’m still on my journey and I guess it will continue but it allows me to pass back knowledge about some of the aids I’ve found along the way.

By now, hopefully you would have a basic website in its early stages of development, the design stage. You may be wondering about what content to use and where is it going to come from. There is help in the jungle, and I have used it, I would like to tell you about Five of them which you can use, right now.

Free Images

There a many free image sites out there where you can download high quality images for your website. Whether you’re a Blogger or you have a product to sell, your images must pack a punch. Images play a major part in giving your site that positive first impression.  They have the power to attract your viewers’ attention and to convey emotions and lead them in to read your content. If you’re a dab hand with a camera or camera phone that’s great, use your own. If not, here are a couple of sites to check out some free stuff. TIP: Make sure to read their terms and conditions about copyright as some images may still be protected.


Canva is a great place to get creative for free. You can create a blank canvas then ad text and images to produce anything from logos to ads. It has a library of images and illustrations, many of which are free along with a collection of free fonts. You can also upload your own images to use, then save your finished creation and download for use on your own website. Canva is free but for more options you can upgrade to a paid version.

Design Anything

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Have Your Own
Development Team


Find freelancers who can do just about anything, from a simple logo, to a whole site design. Videos, video editing, voice overs and more. So, if there’s an area that you’re not comfortable with, there’s others who can do it for you. There are freelancers all over the World with varying degrees of skill. Of course, there is a charge depending on their level of expertise, but that can be as little as $5.  You can preview the work of your chosen freelancer and read feedback on previous work done. Also, you can communicate with freelancers to discuss your requirements and get a fixed price for any job. Or, you can even leave details of what you need and your budget, and freelancers will get back to you. If you’re not satisfied with the result of a job request, you don’t have to accept it. What could be easier?


If you’re not confident about writing copy, you can hire someone else to do that for you too. On iWritter there are people who can write articles, blog content, Ad copy and more on just about any subject. Again, there is a charge, and the price reflects the standard of writer you get but you can choose that standard based on your budget. Same applies as with Fiverr, in that you don’t have to accept the work if you’re completely satisfied with it.

Employ a Writer

More than just a Spell Checker

Review 1t Grammarly


Maybe you are comfortable about writing your own content, that’s great if you are. A great aid to help in this is Grammarly which you can use to help pick up on spelling errors and more. Just copy and paste your entire article into Grammarly and let it do its magic. It can help enhance the quality of your copy and save a lot of time and effort. If you choose to upgrade from the free version to Premium, then expect the ultimate in copy enhancement with its 400 plus checks it will make on your work. Grammarly supports over twenty languages and is a must have if you do a lot of writing.

So, there you have five great tools that are either free or relatively inexpensive to help you on your way to creating a professional website. Check them out.

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