Maybe I Can Help


Maybe I Can Help

Maybe I Can Help You Save Money on Your Bills

Hello, my name is Lorraine Croom and I’m an authorised Utility Warehouse Partner. Utility Warehouse is the trading name for Telecom Plus PLC which is a unique service provider that has been recommended by Which Magazine ten years running. As an authorised Partner, it’s my role to help people save money on their utility bills by amalgamating some or all of them into just one bill. 


Utility Warehouse provide the following services: Gas, Electricity, Broadband, Landline, Mobile and Insurance. Do you use any of these services? Want to save Money?


You can save even more money every time you shop! How refreshing is that? Utility Warehouse have partnered with over 50 High Street Outlets such as Sainsbury’s, M&S and B&Q and you can save anything from 1% to 7% off your bill every time you shop.

Would You Like to see How I Can Save You Money on Your Bills?



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